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Re: So... the reason we are all here

Originally Posted by lizgrace07 View Post
I can't wait to use my little diapers! My last baby was my first cd newborn and I had mostly prefolds and KL0s. I just really didn't like them on a nb. (Luckily for me he grew really fast and was into our GMD yellow workhorses and BGEs quickly.) So after his nb phase DH saw I was frustrated with diaper changes and said I could start working on my ideal nb stash for next time. So I've been working on it pretty much ever since and that was 2 years ago!

I've got:
30ish simplex nb aios
25ish nb nana's bottoms aios (mostly birdseye inners and hemp soakers)
12ish tots bots tini fits
4 THX nb aios
Fitteds- I'm still working on these... I have a dozen or so dreameze, a few nana's bottoms, a few clovers, a handful of snicklefritz, and one star baby designs.
6 PUL covers (thirsties and RAR nb)
A handful of xs wool covers (need to recount) wcw, rainbow waters, and homemade

Looking forward to trying them out on a cute little baby soon!!
I feel like I have so little compared to you and I have pretty little babes. That is a good sized stash! I have a lot of prefolds though, when I have everything here and count it out and take pictures, I bet I will feel like we are swimming in dipes!
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