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easy, hands free packed lunch ideas

The hubs new job leaves him stuck in a semitruck for hours on end and also dirtier than all get out. Seriously, I have to wash his cloths 2, sometimes 3 times to get them clean.

Anyway, he wants foods he can eat that are wrapped or that he can just use the sandwich baggie to hold. I've make him sandwiches, and I've baked cookies and muffins that he can grab out of the freezer. Furits and veggies are harder because they all get/are moist and slip around in the baggies. We tried bananas, but he's usually driving while trying to eat his luch (he doesn't get an offical lunch break) and he has a hard time peeling them on the go.

Do you ladies have ideas on health snacks or "entree" ideas? I don't mind baking or batch cooking, stuff I can make on a weekend and pull out of the freezer during the month would actually make my life easier. Surprisingly, working, taking care of the house and child rearing leaves me short on time
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