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Re: what's your favorite freezer meal?

Originally Posted by Mama*Kim View Post
We seem to have the most success freezing ingredients, sauces and soups rather than whole meals and casseroles. We never seem to eat the frozen meals/casseroles. I like to stock up on meats when I get good deals (sales, bulk, clearance, etc). For chicken, I either cut it up and add a marinade, so that it self marinades while it thaws, or I boil and shred it. Either way reduces prep time a ton. If I find a good deal on ground meats, I make small meatloafs (freeze it raw, it will bake fine from frozen), meatballs, or just brown and freeze. I make things like spaghetti sauce in huge batches and freeze in smaller portions. I can generally whip out a quick spaghetti and meatballs dinner in the time it takes to boil noodles using stuff from the freezer that's all homemade.

The other thing I've found about stocking up and portioning meats is that we eat less in a sitting. For example, ground beef or turkey at the store I shop at is packaged with 1.25lbs. When I portion it, I only put about .75lbs in a package. We end up eating less meat which is good for DH's high cholesterol, saves money, and encourages me to bulk meals up with more veggies.
Shannon, how do you freeze the meat? Do you vaccuum pack? I have a freezer burn problem with both raw and cooked/drained ground meat.
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