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When freezing with marinades, the liquid of the marinade coats the meat and minimizes freezer burn. For cooked meats, I spread them on a sheet pan and put them in the deep freezer to freeze very quickly. Then they get broken apart and split into bags, I squeeze out as much air as possible. I store multiple small bags inside one large bag to insulate it more and keep all the packages together. Raw meats can be "ice glazed" to minimize freezer burn. I rarely do this, but its pretty effective. Put the unwrapped raw meats in a deep freezer for a few hours so the outside is iced up, dunk the individual pieces into cold water (or spritz with a spray bottle of water) and freeze again. This will cause a layer of ice on the outside of the meat that will reduce freezer burn. Then I package everything up. I usually only do this if I buy a ton of something and won't likely use it in the next few months.
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