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Originally Posted by RunawayBunny
Is it sad that the person I lost my patience with in my family isn't ds, but my dh? He left for his deployment when Ds was a very well behaved two year old. He returned to a full blown three year old who knows how to talk and reason (somewhat) and push boundaries. DH doesn't know how to handle it and refuses to take my lead. I am about ready to ship him back... no, not really. But still! I hate the transition from geographic single parent back to co-parent.
I get that completely.

Sometimes I'm just ready to send him back to work for the day. DH comes home and wants a break, but sometimes that means DD is tantrum'ing for his attention and he's withholding it. And when she gets tired of it, she comes to me in the kitchen and then he's all suddenly 'come here' and takes over. But the times when he allows her to flounder, drives me insane.
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