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Re: Foods/vitamins to boost milk production?

I read that oatmeal may help supply. Google oatmeal lactation cookie and you'll get recipes that include oatmeal, brewers yeast and something else to possibly help supply. There is also an excellent supplement called More Milk Plus by a company called Motherlove.

But in the early weeks the best thing is to feed them a lot. At least every 2-3 hours. Those first few weeks kind of 'set up' your supply for the future. I got an excellent book just a few months ago when I thought my supply was low with my newborn DS - Making More Milk. I love this book ! They begin by explaining how you make milk, how to establish your supply, how to tell if you supply is low and why, how to fix it, and how to keep nursing even if you need to supplement.

You can do it!!!!!
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