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Re: Chat Thread ~ Mar 31st - APRIL 6th!!!

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
yeah... I guess you need a health department food license to create something for consumption for another person in exchange for money. So, they get around it by preparing the pills at the individual's house. Idaho law, but might be elsewhere, I dunno.

there is one lady who reportedly does it at her house, so I need to check with her. I don't care if it's legal.. I mean, it's red tape that really isn't anyone's business what happens with my placenta, if you ask me
That's really strange. Good luck with the other lady!
How soon after birth does the whole placenta thing need to happen? Would it wait until you were home from the hospital and then DH and DD wouldn't have to be home away from you?

Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
my mom says it's just like my brother and me at that age (we had almost exactly the same age difference) and to some degree its just growing out of it. If I live that long!
DH says the same thing, and his mom does too. I'm an only child, though. This isn't anything I'm used to.

This afternoon I had an anxiety attack just being in the same room with the kids and had to go into the spare room. I ended up staying in there for hours, every time I thought about coming upstairs I started panicking again. It really wasn't fun I can't imagine bringing Hiccup home to this house.

Originally Posted by RunawayBunny View Post
I hate the transition from geographic single parent back to co-parent.
I honestly have no clue what that would be like

AFM: Very fun afternoon/evening of anxiety and panicking and shutting myself in a room alone, worrying about how the heck I can possibly bring Hiccup into this house with the other kids - they are so loud and rude and mean, and very physically violent with each other. I get worried for Hiccup's safety and well-being.

Been having contractions for the past couple hours - though, 1- I'm sure they're because of the stress and anxiety I'm feeling, and 2- I'm sure they'll stop now that I've mentioned them on here (murphy's law of posting, lol).
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