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Re: Toddler Meal Planning

Originally Posted by GreyMum View Post
Bump? l'd love more meal planning ideas, though l haven't exactly started yet. My dd is a great eater; however, we rely on berries for snacks A Lot! Hard to find organic berries here this time of year, and she has had a lot of conventional berries, even the good locally grown ones are not organic. l prefer to buy those in the summer (when they are available) and honestly don't know which is better/worse. l digress!! But, this is what l've been thinking about toddler food-wise lately. l need to get her to eat a greater variety of fruit. She will take a few apple or pear slices, but will devour raspberries and blackberries, so it's just so much easier!! A kid at her daycare will eat apples, but only if coated in yogurt. Need to try that today!

Anyway, totally interested in more meal-planning ideas, but also happy to hear tips on the above sort-of off-topic issue.

Do you do pinterest? This is what I've gathered recently. I am going to work on a menu from there.
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