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Re: Chat Thread ~ Apr 7th - 13th

Originally Posted by mommy2wyatt View Post
Emily! Watching for your update!

Today is the one day I *cannot* go into labor because I have DSs IEP meeting at 730 tomorrow! So today I'm sending everyone else labor vibes and resting
Me too, Emily!!!

Good luck with no labor today, lol!

AFM: My anxiety and stress are just getting worse here.
DH and FIL managed to drop the new door and smash it, meaning we had to buy another door... so that's helping. And the room is now sanded again, not painted, and no flooring done. Which means it'll likely be another week before DD can possibly move in, and there's more dust everywhere.

I'm pretty sure that labor can't happen right now cuz of everything I'm feeling - I think I'm too stressed out and upset for my body to do it, kwim? And unfortunately right now if I did go into labor I don't know if I could handle DH being there with me... which honestly makes me
He yelled at me yesterday because I'm upset and stressed out about the room not being done. He's blaming me, saying I make him feel like crap by telling him he's doing a bad job - which I haven't said to him at all.
And yesterday when I was trying to breathe and stop another panic attack he noticed... and rolled his eyes, sighing and smirking at me. If he can't support or help me through a stupid panic attack, how in the world can he help in labor.

And, that's my sob-story for today, lol. Sorry to vent and dump on y'all. I'm hoping that getting it out some will help. I know I should also talk to him about it all... but he always twists things and ends up blaming me and making it all my fault. That's really not going to help right now, and it's like I have to weigh the severity of the situation with how much I can handle the blaming.
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