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Originally Posted by sisu

It makes me sick and I've never had GD.

But - and I mean this in the least snarky way possible - it seems odd to me that you'll eat ice cream, yet in the same breath you claim that Glucola isn't healthy. Ice cream is a far cry from healthy, too. What are your specific concerns?

I'd compromise on this one, honestly. I've taken the 3 hour test twice; it sucks, it made me ill, but it was over in a few hours and life went on.

Just doesn't make much sense. You carb loaded for dinner and got a high reading....which could put you in the GD range. A normal healthy person should be able to tolerate some pasta and ice cream for dinner and have normal sugar levels.

I would do the GD test because some hospitals will take the newborn to the nursery for a 24 hour hold to watch their blood sugars in moms who skipped or passed on the GD test.
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