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Re: Insurance Paid for my Electric Pump!

I had a Medela PISA in the past so I had all the attachments and my bottles fit it so I knew I wanted that brand. Plus I like the dual stage sucking motion that only Medela has, I think. I was not crazy about my PISA I thought it sucked to hard for my preference I always had it turned down low so I went with the Freestyle although it cost me $100 where the PISA is only $50 bc people say it sucks at a lower pressure due to being battery operated. I haven't even taken it out of the box yet so I can't say yet which one I will like better. A PISA is very dependable and has rave reviews. My old one was used to pump exclusively for four children and for a my daughter who I pumped a good bit with. It is still going, I passed it on to friend in need when I found out I could upgrade!
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