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Re: So much puke/spit up! Help!!

My DD was also a "happy spitter" and spit up after pretty much every feeding. I agree with the suggestion to try nursing on only one side per feeding. That way the baby gets plenty of hind milk, so more calories with less volume. It also seems much easier than trying to put a time limit on feedings and take baby off the breast while they are still actively feeding. If they still seem hungry several minutes after finishing the first side (and being burped), you can offer them the second side, but most of the time I did not find this necessary.
Overall, since baby is gaining well I don't think you need to worry about it too much, aside from the inconvenience/mess for you. Even though it seems like a ton of spitup, a pediatrician assured me that it's actually less than you think (his advice was to try pouring 1 oz of water on a onesie and see how soaked it gets - then we would realize that baby was probably spitting up less than we thought).
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