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Re: Just starting out

We have successfully ECed both our boys and our little girl. They are now 7yrs, 5yrs and 3yrs. Personally I think boys are easier because you can aim. Girls have a sprinkler like effect. Also I should say that for me, it was a bigger mess if I tried to use a real toilet. I would purchase a new, large, plastic microwave container and set it by our sink. Then, you just hold them like you're cradling them. Put hands on the inside of thighs to open legs. This is going to sound tricky, but it is so easy..then use pinkie to push down "wee wee" and it aims right into the bucket. For girls, still cradle, but just sink bum a little lower in arms. It helps contain the spray. Also, we had a master bath with two sinks, so I had the baby change pad between the two sinks. So baby would go potty, then I would set them on changing pad, holding little ankles in the air, grab a wipie that was right next to us and wipe! Ta da! No mess!. Yeah, it stinks () having to rinse out the potty, but it saves your back from trying to hover over the toilet.

Also I love the Baby Bjorn potties (for when they can sit up on their own) and the adjustable toilet seat you can snap on for later. Super handy products. Anyone can PM me if you have more questions. I love talking EC.
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