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Re: What I learned from our local preschool for disabled kids....

My son attends a developmental preschool. He gets a marshmallow if he puts his coat on, stands in line, and gets on the bus nicely. I am plenty OK with it. If that is what it takes to get him to do that, I am fine. Its actually in his behavior plan.

Likewise, if he can sit in circle time for a Skittle--again--I am fine with it.

He is EH (Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Reactive Attacment Disorder). He doesn't give a hoot about stickers on a chart, a high five, or a hug from his teacher. However, he will listen (sometimes) for an M and M or a marshmallow.

Teachers find the currency for each child. For many, they need constant feedback. Ledger is one of those kids. For some, it is a sticker. For some, it is a candy. We will do whatever it takes to help the kids be successful, and if it means some sugar, so be it.

The snacks our school offers are brought in by the parents. They ask for crackers or goldfish, but are at the mercy of what parents donate. His teacher buys the skittles and marshmallows with her own money.
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