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Re: I am a horrible mom

How old is this toddler? Two and a half? 18 months? Approaching preschool age?

Mama, you are NOT a horrible mom. This is how toddlers are! They have NO impulse control. None. Sometimes, we tend to go into parenthood thinking "MY kids aren't going to be like that, I am going to be doing things the right way." Many times we don't even realize we are thinking that because it's somewhere in the back of our minds, not even really a conscious thought. And then when our kids really ARE that way, we think we failed. Or, when we don't instinctively know how to deal with it, we think we failed.

The reality is that a LOT of the things that we do that we think have HUGE impacts on our kids and how we are raising them....just don't. You didn't do ANYTHING to make your kid this way...and there's isn't ANYTHING wrong with your kid either. She is being 100% completely normal and behaving in a totally age appropriate way.

NOW, having said all that (and I hope it made you feel better, it's all true,) that doesn't mean that her behaviors don't need to be addressed.

more later, baby crying...
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