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Re: I am a horrible mom

I wanna just give you a hug.
If it makes you feel any better:
my ds just turned 4, he had about a full year there where I ranged from wondering if he was deaf, to wondering how long it would be before he ended up in jail. He recently and suddenly matured out of that phase, thank God. He suddenly became the sweetest little guy again.
My dd1 is 16 months younger than him, she seems to be starting that phase, but at least I feel a little more in control of it since it is the second time around.
I have found that NOT talking, or only saying things once and then physically acting on it is most effective. I know it's hard with a baby (I have a 7 month old too). Like when you say, "it's time to get dressed" say it once, and then set the baby down, grab her and dress her, without saying anything else. You can show her you are in charge and mean business without yelling (and yes I have done my share of yelling, but obviously it doesn't work or else we wouldn't have to keep yelling, right?), b/c yelling just stresses US out and doesn't accomplish anything.
Think about if a cop pulled you over for speeding, what is more effective...if he walked up to your car and started freaking out at you (you'd probably laugh) or if he was totally serious, quiet, and handed you a ticket?
PM me if you want to talk any more....

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