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Re: I am a horrible mom

Originally Posted by TJR2119 View Post
You are not a horrible mother. You have a relatively new person that she has to share you with. She could be acting out because she is overtired, reacting to changes, wants attention, etc.

Have you put a baby gate in front of her room? Try using one to enforce a rest time. Set up a timer and tell her she can not leave her room until it goes off. Even if she doesn't nap (although depending on her age she should be napping still).

^^^^I did a baby gate in front of room for my then crazy toddler/ods. Super strong willed, still is at 9 but at least understands the consequences now.

Sounds like you have your hands full with no breaks Can you at least get out for an hour or so a week, friend babysit etc. I think I go crazy when on my own too long.

Take away a ton of toys/stuff that she trashes to make life simpler. Let her play nice with a few toys first until she learns to tidy up, treat them nicely.

I would start with a few simple rules until she has mastered those like clear her plate, tidy up toys etc. She will learn....
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