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Thank you everyone..

She's almost 26 months old. I am consistent with disciple. She gets time outs (one warning, time out for two minutes, explination why she got put in time out, tell her I love her and back at it). This does not work. Threatening time outs does not work. Taking things away does not work... yelling does not work. Spanking does not work. If I tell her "Mara, please stop putting soap in your sisters eyes" she looks at me, and proceeds to do it again. I am just lost. I lost my cool with her tonight after an hour and a half of messing around to go to bed (she is normally very very good about going to sleep. Its just the frequent night wakings that are an issue). I feel so overwhelmed. I supposed its all normal toddler behavior and testing boundaries but when do I get peace? I am cleaning up all the folded clothes she tore down as I'm changing her sisters diaper and she's in her room testing everything out of her closet. This is daily. And we get out and do a lot. I walk with them to the park almost daily...
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