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Re: Baby food question

Originally Posted by FindingMercy View Post
If calories are the biggest concern (been down this road with our DS), then focus on getting more breast milk or formula into her first, as that is higher in calories per ounce than baby food.
she refuses bottles at least 25% of the time or will only take an ounce or two(its BM) and decide she's done and refuse to eat again until the next bottle, which sometimes she take s and sometimes she doesnt. its hit or miss really she cant suck so she kind of gnaws on the bottles so i think sometimes she just doesnt want to bother with it. so the food is easier(kind of) to get in her even though its less calories/ounce. we still push the bottles first and then an hour or so later offer food(whether she takes the bottle or not). there may be a better solution, but if so i havent found it yet. she had a ng-tube for a week but we couldnt keep it on her, even with arm restraints(which we refused to do once we realized she couldnt do anything with them on)or mittens on:/ we've tried a bunch to get calories in her
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