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Originally Posted by smayhew View Post
Wow thanks!
No problem! Do you have one you need to fix up? If so, just be super careful with the eyes. I taped cotton balls over her eyes and made sure not to drip water on her face. If their eyes get wet, they turn color. I also had her stripped naked and wrapped a towel around her neck, secured in place with a hair band. It was quite a scene. A little dolly makeover salon over here, lol. Oh, and you also shouldn't soak the wig cap (scalp part) , so I sort of tricked water/downy over the top of her head instead of soaking the top part. When I was washing it, I just took suds from my fingers and carefully worked them into the hair but not scalp, if that makes sense. If you get the scalp really wet, just blow dry it good afterwards.
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