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90 MIN SLEEP SOLUTION!! - the book, and it is a quick read

Changed our lives.

We went from this:
Naps -27 mins long only. It would take 20 mins or more to get dd to sleep & she would only take 1 maybe 2 naps per days.
Nights- slept for 10 hours but woke 2-4 times per night always screaming when she woke.

Literally day one from starting using the 90 min sleep solution her naps were longer & she only woke 1 time per night for about 1 week and now she sleeps like this.

Naps - 50 mins to 1 hr 20 mins! 2 naps per day! Takes just 5-10 mins to put her to sleep.
Nights - sleeps 12 hours!!! No waking! And now when she wakes from nap or from night she is really rested & is cooing and happy not crying at all.

Hope this helps you!
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