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Well I have 9 and they could overthrow me so I run this house with an iron fist! LOL!

No yelling in the house
No fighting
No running, jumping, flipping in the house
Your toys must be out of common areas as soon as you are done with them
ALL food is eaten at the table
Only water is allowed out of the kitchen
Dishes must always be taken to the sink
When its cold out, no going in and out. Once you come in, you stay in.
Absolutely no back talking mama
You MUST obey. I will ask once, then punishment.
Bedtime is non-negotiable. I will tuck them once and tell them I better not see them out of their room unless blood is involved! They can use the bathroom but only if necessary.

Mostly common sense stuff. But, people always compliment us when we are out as to how well behaved our kids are. I am firm with consequences and consistency!

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