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Re: Am I really that much stricter than other Moms?

These were the rules at my house growing up and I thought I had the meanest parents in the world but when I went somewhere, I knew how to behave and I knew if I didn't, I'd get my bottom popped when we got home. These will also be the rules (plus a few) when my son is old enough to understand rules and boundaries (he's only 10 months). I can't stand misbehaved and rude children and I intend to do my best to ensure that my son will not be one of those children. My best friend has 2 children and they are terribly misbehaved. Her youngest stepped on my son (then about 5/6 months old) while I was changing his diaper and she didn't say or do a thing. He's only a year older than my baby but I feel like she should have tried to explain to him why you can't and don't do anything like that. My husband and I have since decided that our son is only allowed around her boys at birthday parties but that's it and he's not to be left anywhere alone with either of them. Her youngest has also bitten, pinched and slapped my son.
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