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Re: Am I really that much stricter than other Moms?

Seems like common sense to me, unless you want food all over the house, broken furniture, broken windows and dented heads.
We don't have any of those rules and we don't have food all over the house, broken furniture, broken windows or dented heads? Maybe bc I only have one?

Food is not allowed upstairs, no reason for it bc it's just bedrooms upstairs.

But I do babysit a lot and have kids over, but no one has gotten hurt being a kid here. The only thing my son seems to break is his doors off his little cars, but that could be from overuse!

We also have a big yard for running. And to run in our house in only a good twenty feet?
My son is allowed to climb couch and jump off if he likes. He is not allowed on the kitchen counters or bookshelves though. I was a climber so I am waiting to see if allowing him to explore on his own with few rules keeps him from the trouble I had as a kid. I used to climb on top of the fridge or anyplace I could be higher than everyone else. I was a curious kid, so is DS but I let him explore with me there so he won't (hopefully) be doing when my back is turned.

We have a problem with throwing things though. Balls are allowed to be thrown as we only have soft ones in the house. But DS will all of a sudden throw his cars and that doesn't "fly"! but I can't seem to get him to stop, even though it is rule. I don't even know what brings it on, he will be playing and all of a sudden we have a car flying across the room? Anyway we are working on that one.

EDIT: we do have the no yelling in the house.
No fighting, no use of toys as weapons. My DS doesn't even know about toy guns, swords or anything like that.
Our drinks all have caps/tops so no spills, except coffee which I normally don't take out of the kitchen. DH drinks his coffee out of a to go cup with a closing spout!
Food is allowed in living room, DS must wipe his hands after he eats a bite or snack. He has his own little towels for this!
MORE:toys on shelves can be played with without an adult, picked up when done. Toys on the higher shelves must be asked for played with and put back.

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