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I work, but DH is a SAHD. We sent our oldest kiddo to preschool and are happy we did. She is a very social child and seriously LOVES it so much. Preschool is very pricey here it seems. It was a large financial strain, but it was affordable for us. Had it been a situation where paying for it would have threatened our ability to get by, we would have of course skipped it. Anywho, we have plans to send our youngest too when he is about 3 1/2 (a little over a year from now). I've heard many kindergarten teachers comment on how they can tell which kids went to preschool because the kids know the drill. But that is all stuff that any kid can pick up quick. Long story short, we did and will do it again. We think it is great. But I don't think that not doing it is going to prevent your kiddo from getting into Harvard.
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