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Re: Preschool or not to Preschool - That is the question

With #1, I had planned on doing a homeschool preschool. However, I had 4 kids in 4 1/2 years, and I was seriously stressing out about it. My mom offered to pay for his preschool that was just 2 days a week in the home of a friend. It was a lifesaver. Sure, he would have done fine without any preschool at all, but he enjoyed going and doing something that was all his. He was the big kid that got to go school. Since then, I've sent my others to the same kind of in-home preschool. My almost 5 year old misses the deadline for kindergarten this year and he is so anxious to go to school already. He's always asking me for worksheets. So I know he'll especially enjoy preschool.

Long story short, I don't think kids "need" preschool, so don't feel like you have to send them. I definitely don't feel like it's worth paying for 2 years of preschool. But, if you can, I think it's a good prep for kindergarten and gets them used to spending a few hours a week away from mom and dad.
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