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Re: ADD diet or supplements help?

Thanks mamas!

Originally Posted by wordmama View Post
We took my son to our naturopath and she was able to identify his dietary triggers (dairy and processed sugar). The difference is night and day once we eliminated the offending ingredients. Sugar and red dyes are common triggers for ADD/ADHD. We also use belladonna for DS if he's having a particularly hyperactive day.
DS2 is lactose intolerant, so he all ready is restricted on dairy. The silly thing is, sugar and red dye (or any dyes, really) don't seem to make a difference in him. If anything, his only trigger we've seen for hyperactivity is chocolate.
DS1 does react to red dye and sugar, becoming very hyperactive and out of control. But he doesn't seem to have attention/distraction troubles, just hyperactive.

DS2 doesn't seem to be that hyperactive, honestly. I mean, he's an active near-7-year-old boy, but nothing abnormal, kwim? It's that he gets distracted constantly whenever he tries to focus on something. A good example is sitting down for lunch at home - he'll make himself a sandwich, sit down and take a bite, then when we walk by the table he's got his lunch out... plus scissors and a craft and crayons and a coloring book - because he can't seem to stop himself and finish one thing, kwim? If he thinks about something, he has to get up and get/do it right then, no matter what he's all ready doing.
It's annoying to me, cuz it means a lot of mess and not getting cleaned up, but it's becoming annoying to him too.

Originally Posted by 33andunder View Post
You might want to spend some time researching DHA/DFA/Omega 3 supplements. I agree with limiting dairy and processed sugars too.
We were talking with MIL about it yesterday and she mentioned that exact thing. She is working as a elementary school resource + numeracy teacher right now and has been dealing with some kids getting Dx and whatnot. She said there is one Dr in town that she would highly recommend, if we need to get an "official" Dx for DS2, and who we would take him to before starting anything more than dietary adjustments or supplements. (this Dr doesn't recommend jumping right to meds, and deals with ADD himself. MIL says he's really good.)
This guy's first recommendation always is to start the kid on fish oils and see if it makes a difference. So, that's something we can easily do ourselves, and won't cause harm if it doesn't help. We'll be looking for some "easy to take" form of it this week
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