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Re: What I learned from our local preschool for disabled kids....

I'm not quite sure if how the school is funded, but I do know it's a tri county school, so there are 3 counties of children attending it.

BUT, even if this school is limited in funds, a bag of marshmellows, and a bag of goldfish crackers are not that much different, and I would think the crackers would be a less sugary option. One class did have them, and offered a choice for the kids, a jelly bean, or a cracker, and 3/4 of the class chose a cracker. They had more fun pretending the cracker was a real fish. They were completely adorable!

Other healthy affordable options could include raisins, pretzels, even organic gummies which isn't expensive either and tastes like candy

I totally get the whole "receiving a treat for sitting" and stuff. It's very rewarding, especially for young children, disabled or not. I would think that if each parent brought it 1 snack for the school year, there would be enough for the whole year.
There are several parents who seem well off, as their kids came in with adorable, clean outfits.

Or if they must give marshmellows, at least give the mini ones. They were giving the kids the big colorful ones. Sometimes, kids would get up to 4 of them. The sugar content in a 3 year old does add up especially when given raman noodles, and jelly beans in the same day :/
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