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Re: Hospital bag

For DD we were barely in there 24 hours and most of the stuff I packed I never needed. It was also so full that I didn't bother digging around much in there. I don't want anything more than I'll need.

So this time it's a change of clothes, toothbrush, camera & charger, cell phone, a baby outfit, a dozen dipes (although I'm tempted to bring more), and a couple of other odds and ends.

I wanted to bring a pillow with me since I have distinct memories of the awful smelling linens during labor... maybe just a pillowcase. I also went through a lot of gum because my mouth tasted awful. Lip balm was necessary. A pen and the baby book is coming... we had so much fun filling that out in the hospital with DD. I think that's it.

DD had 6 poopy diapers the first day plus some wet ones, and even more the next day. I'm thinking of bringing at least a dozen AIOs and some more prefolds as a backup.
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