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Re: When did you start getting baby stuff out?

Last night. (So 35 weeks) lol! I just pulled out all the newbie baby clothing and decided which clothes I actually wanted to put on this boy vs. what I put in the bin because of emotional attachment. So his clothing is separated. Its not washed yet though. I'll leave the cloth diapers upstairs until we're out of newborn sposies. (I use them for about a week until the stump falls off.) I'll make my husband get the swing if I want it when he gets here.... I have suspicions that my 2 year old might make that swing less than safe to keep the baby in....
I went through all my breast pump parts. Still have to buy another pump. My 2 year old is actually still in the crib so I'm going to have to take it down completely and store it upstairs until the baby grows out of the bassinet and then put it back up for Joey doesn't feel like we're stealing his bed for the baby.
I gotta wash the car seat.... ack!
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