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Re: Bob Jones science?

Originally Posted by Celeste View Post
Ava will be in first grade next year. This looks like a pretty good science curriculum. I wasn't sure about the tests, either. So, would you recommend just the text and student pages, then?
I'll have a first grader also in the fall. From what I see in your siggy, they were born a day apart (my DS was born on the 1/5/07)

To answer your questions, It depends on how you want to teach, are you wanting to read through the text with your child and explain from there, finding your own ways to reinforce the concepts taught? Or, would you like everything given to you in written format, with little outside prep except for getting the "experiments" ready? Since this is for first grade, It would be very easy to do the first option. Of course, as you get into the upper grades, say around 4th or 5th grade and up, you would probably want the TE.

I get many of my books used, probably 80%. I use, ebay, and before I will buy new. Many times I can find the consumables "used" and at great prices. Also, you might be able to find a bundle that has everything, for about the same as you would just buying the student text and consumable new. We use the 2nd edition but I know they have the 3rd edition available. Make sure if you buy used, that you are getting the same edition, since I'm not sure if the two are compatible. You won't go wrong using either edition. BJUP doesn't sell the student notebook anymore but if you can find the notebook "used", you should be able to get that edition for a good price. (I just bought a student notebook off Homeschool Classifieds for 6.50 shipped)

I love the BJU curriculum for the solid Bible based foundation that it lays. Keep in mind, that if you are not looking for that, then this will NOT be the curriculum for you.

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