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Re: What is the most absorbent "local" natural fiber?

Originally Posted by newdsmomma View Post
I really don't know for sure, but if you can't get your hands on hemp or bamboo and/or don't have time to prep it, this is what I would try:

1. If you think he could handle microfiber as long as it doesn't touch his skin, I would sandwich it between flannel and try that. You can get microfiber towels in the kitchen or automotive areas of Walmart, Target, Meijer, etc. if your fabric stores don't have it.

2. If you think even sandwiched, microfiber would be a problem, I'd try baby loop terry. Do you have any really soft, pliable baby towels you could cut up and layer and top with some soft flannel? Regular toweling would work too, but is stiffer and might also give you that brick butt you are talking about. Do you have a TJMaxx, Home Goods, or Marshalls near you? You might even be able to find a "luxury" bamboo hand towel there you could cut up in a pinch

3. I would also try making a soaker or two out of felted and lanolized 100% wool to add to the fleece stash you made. Raid your closet (or thrift store) for an old really soft lambswool, merino, or cashmere sweater to cut up. My experience has been that if the diaper gets really soaked, wool keeps the sheets/PJs dryer than fleece. If you don't have lanolin soap, you can just dissolve some of the lanolin for nursing mothers in warm water and lanolize that way.

Good luck. Let us know what you did and how it went.
The soft towels are a great idea, I am sure the microfiber will be a no go. I have tons of recycled wool but for ease of travel I was going to do fleece so I could wash them with the diapers.

Originally Posted by foggierbard9 View Post
Joanns sells diaper cloth. It is birdseye cotton weave like flats are made from. The usually have it with the utility fabric.

You could also find some of the premium good Gerber prefolds that are all cotton with no gauze and just add snaps to the end of one of the thin parts and then trifold and snap into your fleece cover. I made snap in inserts for some fitteds using prefolds like that.
Originally Posted by mgmsrk View Post
Cotton jersey or interlock would be a bit less stiff but by the time you get the absorbancy you need it will be pretty thick. I would do a 3-4 layer trifold snap in soaker that you can fold in thirds and get 9-12 layers but it will dry faster. They I would do up a few 3 layer, lay in soakers out of the same material or the flannel you have to use if you need more.
Both of these are a great idea,I never thought about trifolding inserts that snap in. Thanks so much mamas.
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