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Re: Diagnosed gd as a scare tactic??

Originally Posted by alyxmegan View Post
She asked me to take the test at 28 weeks. At this point they are just doing unnecessary testing (the not and ultrasounds) trying to prove a point. Twice a week appts for someone who has pretty much shown they don't have gd based on bs levels is just a way to scare me. They keep telling me they hope my baby doesn't die because of my choice (not my midwife, but the ob I saw cause she was sick). I really feel like its just a way to scare me and make them feel right. But I know I'm not endangering my baby. Even though my sugars have been fine in have continued to test and eat the diet and walk several times a day. Just being generally healthy.
I don't know a ton about gd, so forgive me if this is a stupid question. But the fact that your blood sugar is under control--with a carefully control diet and proper exercise--wouldn't necessarily mean that you don't have gd...couldn't it also mean that your gd is just under control?
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