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Re: What is the most absorbent "local" natural fiber?

Originally Posted by newdsmomma View Post
Funny, I was thinking wool might be easier for short-term travel since you don't actually have to wash it each time the insert is wet and you can just use the same well-lanolized wool cover for a few days without washing at all. That way, you would only need a couple covers and lots of inserts as opposed to a new cover for every night or more frequent washing. Since we're just talking pee and not poop, wool might be a lot more travel friendly than you think. Just a thought!
I didn't think about that he really only wets them. I guess I am on full diapering mode instead of nighttime for a toddler. Now I really wish I wouldn't have spent the time making and snapping 8 covers ,when I have a bin full of wool.
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