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Re: Standards for diapers on the FSOT boards

Oh man I would be upset if I got stinky diapers! Thanks for the info!

Originally Posted by Mommy2Zara View Post
~~Okay mama's, as sellers please use this listing as a guideline when listing/describing your items you are listing for sale please, Thanks!~~

After getting stinky/stained dipes that were listed in EUC, I have this question:
Why isn't there a standard? It could be stickied at the top of all the FSOT forums....something like:

New= New, as in never used, with tags, etc.
Like New= Maybe washed but not used or used once or twice but NO stains, NO smell, NO wear
EUC= Used but NO issues. May be some slight signs of wear
VGUC= Used. You can tell its been used. Slight to moderate wear showing, but still no real issues. Maybe some slight staining/pilling. Plenty of life left
GUC= Used. Some moderate-heavy wear showing. Might have stains/slight smell/loose threads/pilling/relaxed elastic...still some life left.
VUC= Well used. My have short life span left. Stains/smell issues. Elastic/snap/aplix issues...In other words, can still be used but needs some repair work.

I don't see why this wouldn't work. .. Basically you just list your items following these guidelines.
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