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Originally Posted by Andbabymakes2
I've always had a few nursing bras for going out, but most of the time at home I just wear the cheap sports bras from WM. Down side is I have uniboob and it's not very supportive, but super comfy, and super easy to lift up when wearing a tshirt.

Jennifer- I wish the pain would go away! lol no such luck. It usually takes a few days to work the nerve out that's being pinched. sigh.

I have to keep oranges in the house! love them right now.

Well, I got the smell out of the house finally! lol, Made an apple crisp for dessert tonight, and getting ready to prep potatoes, parsnips and carrots for dinner. MIL and gma should be here soon. I was going to make some bread, but Evan has been needy today. I think I've got my month's worth of food list ready, so that should make it easier to plan ahead.

24wks! btw for me. trying hard to grasp that time is almost up...
Hahaha uniboob! You have me a much needed laugh.
That apple Crisp with some vanilla ice cream ....Yum!!!!
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