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I don't know what's going on with her pooping

My DD will be 6 mo tomorrow, she's ebf, and she has been teething for about 5 weeks or so. Since she started teething, her poop has turned green. It is the color of a nice fertilized lawn, lol. She's also pooping CONSTANTLY. It had increased from about 3 times to 12 times a day, give or take. Now (yesterday and today), she's constantly going poop and there's always a small amount in her diaper. I don't have enough diapers to change her every 5 minutes, and I don't have the time either I thought that green poop meant that she's getting too much fore milk, but every time she nurses, she empties me. Is this normal for teething? Is this a sign that she's not getting enough of something? A sign of something else? I haven't started her on solids yet, so is this a sign that I should start? Help me out here... I have no idea what is going on with her. Thanks!
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