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Re: Preggo Twin Mama Buddy Group!

Originally Posted by GEMQEMCABOOSE View Post
Kristen... if you'd like to you can update our twins to Boy/Girl since we've now confirmed it 3 times LOL.
Yay Leslie!! How exciting!!

AFM: We have 2 weeks and 1 day until we find out, and DH gets to see the twins for the first time. I know he will totally fall in love when he sees them, because I do every time I see them!!

I swear this much cramping is not normal. I have had FOUR healthy pregnancies, all within the past 5/6 years, so they have all been recent, so I remember these things. Right now I have that painful cramping that makes you half nauseous. It feels like a big baby's foot is stuck in the side of my pelvis, and I need to dislodge it. NOT normal for 16 weeks with tiny babies!! I also NEVER get BH or cramping until way further. I know that twin pregnancies are different, but a woman's history of pregnancy symptoms is also very reliable. ALL my pregnancies were very similar, and ALL my labors were very similar. I find it odd that I have NO bh or cramping until 34/36 weeks, and now I get it at 14+, with it only getting worse.

The DR's keep saying with every pregnancy the BH/contractions/cramping comes earlier, but with my own body, and experience, they don't. Especially not THIS early. The kind of pain I'm having now doesn't occur for me until 36 weeks +. And just like I feared, it is getting worse. More painful, longer periods of time. I will bring it up again, but they will just say the same thing. I'm down to 2 PT daycare kiddos, so not much work. Once I get my house clean, organized, and minimalized I plan to stop cleaning as much. While I would LOVE to dream of 38 weeks, I need to be realistic and start taking it easier even though the DR said to stop working at 32 weeks.

I just feel like these symptoms are not 'normal' for this early, and I need to be very precautious and prepare myself. I'm hoping the ultrasound in 2 weeks will give us some answers, along with our first growth scan, whenever that is!

Maybe my body is just super ticked off to be pregnant again and is acting up. That's a possibility, too, I suppose!
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