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Originally Posted by weesej
My experience has been that starting bottles was also the start of weaning. Often baby totally quit within 2-3 months after the first bottle. However, I was not introing a bottle because I wanted a little flexibility to go out on occasion, but because I was having supply issues and become pregnant again. The only baby I BF for an extended period of time (2 years) never had a bottle. I also did not conceive until she was 15 months and then it was a blighted ovum (MC at 11 weeks) Unfortunately with the others after I did all the same things, nursed on demand, co-slept, no pacis and I had supply struggles all along and conceived at the 7-10 month out period.
I thought your milk started changing / tasting different once you got pregnant.

That may have been as much of a factor as a bottle.
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