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Re: anyone supplement a little and still extended BF?

Originally Posted by mama2tommy View Post
ME ME ME!!!! I have low supply, so with my first I made next to nothing. With my second, I made about 1/3rd of his need, and the rest was made up with donor milk. He self weaned a few days before his 3rd birthday. My experience with him taught me that BFing is about SO MUCH MORE than just nutrition. It's also about building that loving, trusting relationship between mother and child.
This is my situation too. Don't know how much of dd1's need I met because she had always had some formula, but she was nursed til she quit at 11mo. DD2, I was able to meet about half til she started eating table food then she only got donor milk at night...nursed til 19mo. Hoping dd3 will be easier to seems to get easier with each one, though never effortless. Hugs!!!!
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