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Re: Anyone else disappointed by their husband on Mother's Day?

ITA with PP that you have to tell them.

Originally Posted by mommypockets View Post
Hugs. One year, when I'd been making breakfast one Mother's Day morning, I *asked* for a verbal Happy Mother's Day, since it seemed I'd been forgotten.. Sadly, I got met with, "I didn't forget. Do you really think you deserve anything?" Seriously? Maybe a hand-made card would be nice. A blade of grass in lieu of flowers, maybe, but to be questioned on if I really deserve it?!? I cook, clean, do laundry, pack lunch for him, take care all by myself of an insanely high-needs, fusssssssssssy kid who still doesn't sleep all night (she was 2 at the time, 5 now), and try to do so with a smile on my face! HECK YEAH, I deserved it, and I still do today, now with two kids. I haven't slept all night in over 6.5yrs, but he sleeps every night!

If he doesn't have anything nice to say today, I hope he doesn't say anything at all. Mother's Day always has a sour taste for me since that day. He refuses to apologize for it, too. He feels justified. Boy, if he could walk even 1/2 a mile in my shoes. He'd be so mad to be met with the hostility I face.

Happy Mother's Day to all the unappreciated mommies!
This made me so angry and sad. I am sorry for all the mamas in this thread who feel unappreciated today because that feeling is just the worst. You all deserve to feel appreciated and loved and honoured every day. Happy Mother's Day.
Kat ~ Mum to G (11), D (9) and O (7)
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