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Originally Posted by Leanbh View Post's my DH's busiest day of the YEAR today(he's in the restaurant biz) and has been for past couple of years. I say to him not to worry about mothers day until a day later in the week as it's seriously so important for work and a big old win win for us. He did flowers, card and a great gift card...then later in the week we will do meal out with kids etc.

Honestly, I've learned through the years just to tell him EXACTLY what I want as men do have a tendency to drop the ball, give weird gifts etc. So I would tell your DH .....maybe even in a few days so it's not so raw....that you were disappointed and would like xyz from now on. I'm sure he get's that you did a ton of stuff for Father's Day. They need to be told sometimes.....maybe not "right", but it's men 101.
Yes. I learned forever ago to tell dh what I want. My dh is great at showing love but not so great at cooking and cards. Today we are grilling because he can. I wont get a card or a present because I told him I didn't want anything and he takes me at my word .
I told him I didn't want to cook, clean, or change diapers. And thats what I am getting.
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