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Originally Posted by mommypockets View Post
Hugs. One year, when I'd been making breakfast one Mother's Day morning, I *asked* for a verbal Happy Mother's Day, since it seemed I'd been forgotten.. Sadly, I got met with, "I didn't forget. Do you really think you deserve anything?" Seriously? Maybe a hand-made card would be nice. A blade of grass in lieu of flowers, maybe, but to be questioned on if I really deserve it?!? I cook, clean, do laundry, pack lunch for him, take care all by myself of an insanely high-needs, fusssssssssssy kid who still doesn't sleep all night (she was 2 at the time, 5 now), and try to do so with a smile on my face! HECK YEAH, I deserved it, and I still do today, now with two kids. I haven't slept all night in over 6.5yrs, but he sleeps every night!

If he doesn't have anything nice to say today, I hope he doesn't say anything at all. Mother's Day always has a sour taste for me since that day. He refuses to apologize for it, too. He feels justified. Boy, if he could walk even 1/2 a mile in my shoes. He'd be so mad to be met with the hostility I face.

Happy Mother's Day to all the unappreciated mommies!
Thats sad . I'm sorry. Hopefully he will one day realize his harshness and make up for it
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