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Originally Posted by tmrobinson
My dd is 15 months and I feel like she isn't drinking enough. I think it's partly my fault since I some times forget to give her her sippy cup. The sippy cup was a constant companion with my oldest at this age and with dd #2. There is 3 years between #2 and #3 so I had gotten used to them being able to ask for a drink if they were thirsty. The baby will all of a sudden get really cranky and then it will dawn on me she hasn't had anything to drink in awhile so I give her a cup and she downs the whole thing. On a light day she will only go through 4 diapers and I just keep thinking she should be going more than that. I change her when she first gets up in the morning and if she doesn't poop her diaper will only be a little wet when I change her before lunch and again before afternoon nap.
I can't really answer that because I still nursed both mine at 1. Are you possibly nursing/still giving bottles too? I would just be sure to leave a sippy at her level so that whenever she is thirsty she can grab a drink- but still be sure to offer her a cup of milk at the times you usually do. I think 4 wet diapers a day is fine. If her poop is hard then I would say she is probably constipated & you should try to offer more; but if that isn't a problem either I wouldn't be too concerned. Some of us (kids & adults- like ds1 and I) just don't feel the need to drink too often. Others do.
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