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Re: Britax Parkway SG or SGL? Or other lightweight booster?

Originally Posted by Computermama View Post
Top tethers are part of the LATCH system and are required in all vehicles manufactured past 2002. Some older cars have them as well, as it was well known it was going to *eventually* be required, but definitely all 2002 and later ones have them. It may be a bit of a lark to find them, and not all seating placements will necessarily have one, but there will be at least one and usually at least two in the vehicle. The Go is an odd bird that it requires it, most seats do not, and it's an optional in the US to use it at all. In Canada it's law that we must use the top tether.
Hey now! Don't go calling my Go an odd bird *pouts*

OP..I am the tech that Monica was referring to with the GoHybrid. If you cannot guarantee that you'll be in a car with LATCH I would not recommend it. Just for giggles I tried installing it the other day with the seat belt and ummm yeah that wasn't happening AT ALL. Maybe if someone had belt stalks that were suuuuuuper short but mine aren't. The SK for 99 sounds like a fantastic deal!
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