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Re: How would you feel if your child's diagnosis was removed?

I'm kind of in a place where I think I could get an Autism diagnosis for my son, but I'm not pursuing it. He behaves differently in different environments so some people see concerning things, others just see some quirks. Ultimately, we chose to NOT investigate getting a diagnosis because if he is anywhere on the spectrum, we have been assured that it's on the high-functioning side (meaning he wouldn't need as intensive therapy protocol). He does have language delays, mostly expressive. There's a lot of debate over his receptive skills because he's so stubborn. For now, we're doing lots of private therapy. I'm considering trying to get a medicaid waiver to cover therapy because he does have the label of "developmental delay". I'm just not sure I want that following him around everywhere. It would not open any doors for him, it would just make paying for things easier, which is obviously something to consider.
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