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Re: cookie icing help

Royal icing. The links hung my phone (I'm in an area with horrible reception) but you can use the too sweet icing to make a dam around the edge of the cookie then flood it with royal icing. Royal icing isn't very sweet, and it dries hard and flat, which is perfect for paints or markers. If you were going to decorate with dragees or jimmies or sprinkles or luster dust, then decorator's icing would be best. You can pick up both types of icing and fooDoodlers (food safe markers) and paste color for icing at Michael's. You can make royal icing too. It's just egg whites, lemon, and sugar. You can pick up a can of egg white powder (at Michael's and at some grocery stores) and mix some up (especially if. Salmonella from raw eggs is a concern for you) and its easy. Sometimes egg white powder is called meringue powder.
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