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Re: How would you feel if your child's diagnosis was removed?

Originally Posted by mommabritt View Post
I am struggling with this right now. DS is currently dx PDD NOS/Aspergers and ADHD. The latter won't change as he's a classic case and is controlled with meds but these new revised criteria for autism are making me mad. If DS can't keep his dx we won't qualify for behavioral services anymore which he desperately needs. And I know someone out there will come say some thing like 'oh well it's just opening the door for a different diagnoses, maybe they were wrong'. Well it's not wrong. And I will be extremely upset if we lose his therapy because the criteria changes and he is high functioning.
This would be my exact concern if a diagnosis changed, that it could close doors for services. I have no problems with labels or lack of but just as long as my kids get what they need to help them.

For us, my son has some diagnosis and somethings where all the doctors agree that something isn't right but they just don't know what it is. We have a lot of "I think it's probably this but we can't test for that because..." so we don't have all that many labels to begin with.
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