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Travelling around 30 weeks?

Have you done it? How did it go? What can you suggest?

We have a trip planned next week and Im not 100% how I feel about it. I got really freaked out last week with spotting quite a bit and having lots of BHs every time I left the house for anything. Thankfully it turned out to be a bacterial infection and my cervix is long/closed and fine. But Im still a little worried it might be too much. We went to the beach yesterday and turtle rehab center, it was an hour drive, just me and the kids... when we got home my stomach hurt so bad I could stand up straight for a few minutes, then I was having so many BHs I had to sit down and drink 4 bottles of water before I felt fine again. Im on day 3 of the meds they gave me for the infection..

So the trip is 28 hours of driving round trip, well be staying in a hotel, and of course, there will be tons going on. The idea is that I would take it easy. But with ds being enrolled in a summer camp 4 days that week, a friends wedding, and on top of that we have tons of friends and family there who well want to get together with. Realistically its going to be a lot of running around. And I tend to neglect my own needs. When I "take it easy", I usually really don't.

Thoughts? tia!

eta~ it is an option for me to stay home that week, and dh would take the kids. Not my favorite option but maybe itd be best..

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