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Re: Travelling around 30 weeks?

It has been normal and healthy, except for a yeast infection that I used 2 different things to treat, and then a bacterial infection, those were about2 months ago. Then this current bacterial infection that really gave me a scare with the spotting and contractions. But otherwise everythings been fine.

I guess Im worried about 1. the drive. For the past few weeks every time we go anywhere with a decent drive I have a lot of BHs and usually need a bath to get them to stop.

2. I tend to neglect to care for myself. Not getting enough water/not sitting/ lifting the kids when I shouldn't/etc. I can see myself being in a lot of situations where I wont feel like Ill have a choice but to overdo it. Like at MILs. She is superwoman and does EVERYthing ALL the time. Shes like me and the cost is she doesn't take care of herself and has multiple health issues because of it. I don't want to be like her (in the neglect of self part) but being around her makes me feel VERY guilty if Im taking it easy.
Also, vising people with non kid proofed houses, or sometimes in just regular circumstances, dh gets caught up in the "visiting" and leaves all the child chasing to me. I can really see the same thing happening this visit, even if I tell him I NEED to take it easy. He often just doesn't think to do things like take dd to pee, make sure they don't touch breakables, keep them from climbing the banister, etc. And he just wanders off leaving them to me, and Id just see it as easier to do it myself rather than track him down, ask him to do it, then feel guilty for "nagging"
Same thing for like, walking down the street or grocery shopping. He doesn't think to keep the kids near us/not acting crazy, and if *I* don't make sure they hold hands while walking, or stay near the cart/calm in a store, they end up running totally amuck while he walks off to look at cookies or sausages. And Im left with the cart, the shopping, and keeping the kids.

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